Why us?

Let’s see why clients put their trust in us.

Our quality remains stainless through our progressive management focused on dedicated teams, thorough and constant communication, technology development.


Imagine a design of your own capable of reaching and influencing the audience you wish, and it can best be manifested through the quality we will provide to you.

Time efficiency

With our active management, we can guarantee your requests to be always delivered on schedule and in top quality. As we always say here, “Below top quality is a sin to ourselves".

Code readability

The creation of a good structure and design for your output should not only be based on the appearance and the extent of its function, but also on how it can be improved and how agile it can be to changes, and as you know, change is inevitable.

That is why we in Framgia are strict in the writing of the source code and compliance to guidelines.

Pride in our source code

We deal our source code as serious as the military is in protecting their country. We in Framgia tend to the writing of our source code as sharp as a top sniper. We make sure that it is:

The source code we write must be easily understood so in case of changes in all aspects, it can be easily adaptable to new writing provided permission to do so.

We understand how essential source code is in writing and in presentation. We make sure that the characteristics that build up our quality is molded properly by checking up on our developers constantly with their work to maintain quality and efficiency throughout

Picking our developers

Before we hire our developers, they undergo an exam that requires knowledge on certain experiences, mastery in certain programming languages, and fluency in the field of IT in order for them to pass. It is then followed by an interview and the most important procedure, the simulation. This is for the purpose of being integral to our characteristics of being the best.

Progressive training

They say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. But here in Framgia, we keep ourselves open to learn new things as we believe we can get something great out of keeping up with the changes. We continue our training by researching new platforms for developers and review how its qualities can contribute in our skills and to deliver outputs to you with an extra mile.


Before actual project delegation is given to our developers after passing the screening, they will complete a 3-month training program for technical conditioning.

The training program involves collaboration with the international branches of Framgia and real-time check-ups on their work. It also includes conditioning the developers in various programming anguages in order to be agile and flexible in finding solution.

“ Management is essential in keeping our expertise and the activities we use it for in correct structure, as well as shaping our work culture and our high regard for quality”

Keeping quality in great shape

We follow 3 structures of management to keep things in our watch, so that nothing gets off the system.


Agile & Reactive management

This is delivered in the designing and writing of source codes. The work of our developers are reviewed every 30 minutes to 1 hour in order to avoid mistakes and any codes that are too complicated to be understood.

Framgia also makes sure that no good work is left unacknowledged which is why direct and immediate acknowledgement is given to our developers.

Active mangement

Our developers are delegated through anticipated scheduling of work since all of them are guaranteed to have the sufficient skill for any project. Why? This is to prevent any major and minor delays that could be due to absences, sudden additions to workload, and to forecast the time that can be allotted to our progressive training.

Our teams have their respective schedules plotted by the project manager. A project and/or a part of the project will be given a daily deadline to increase the production rate, allowing the completion of the project all done one step at a time for the retention and focus on quality. The project manager will also forecast the completion of tasks in order to create a schedule for the following days.

With the scheduling plotted and delivered, the developers are now more open in terms of availability in case there is a need for help in other tasks, resume progressive training or a task that can be done ahead of schedule

Leadership structure

We manage our teams by delegating leadership to our most experienced and skillful developers. These leaders must be charismatic, fluent, extra-detailed, and reactive to sudden changes in the plan. We have 2 leadership roles for the teams

In charge of the scheduling and overall management of a project. They are also in charge of the polishing of projects through reviews in case there are anymore to add or edit.

Also the solutions architect, providing the technical solutions and the constant check-up of the work of the developers

The end product of our services delivers understandablecontent and secure codes to sustain edge among competitors.


Sharp, detailed, and according to plan-all our moves are filtered until perfect and contingent, leaving no room for errors


Your vision will also be ours. We will be working together as one in fullfillment of our boligations as partners


Framgia moves in the sight of progress, always with something to believe in. Framgia believes this is essential to the heart of every task



Your business

A great part of our culture involves close connections with our clients to avoid any mistakes in the present and in the future and to perfect the delivery of the goal


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