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Framgia can Provide you custom developed software, web services and smart phone apps as we have dedicated team of professional programmers, purposefully working to deliver quality service.

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Our expertises in our services are engineered and programmed with the strict intent of delivering output that exceeds your best expectation.


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Our Vision & Work Standard

Framgia is all about top quality. We have mastered delivering top quality to all our clients and We can't wait to prove it to you!

Our Vision

Your vision will also be ours. We will be working together as one in fulfillment of our obligations as partners. We will be working together as one in fulfillment of our obligations as partners.

Work Standard

Structure, management, and design—these define our way of work. It is evident when in comes to our source code, and a great deal of pride is instilled in the work, which includes careful engineering by our programmers tailored to our client’s understanding.

Our Clients

Framgia takes pride in its provision of best output as part of our client"s investment and trust. Our clients have yielded quality results and high satisfaction from our craft.

Technology & Team Development

We in Framgia train our teams into a mindset of enforcing quality, growing with a fun and efffective, yet professional culture - a management that suits your vision"s success.

Tashdid Jonayed Habib

Team Leader

Sk. Ahtasham Billah Himel

Team Leader

Muhammad Tamzid

Team Leader

Tanzila Rahman Rinthi

Country Manager

Md. Mozammel Huque

Assistant Manager

An inevitable evolution is found in the complexity of technology that have already been accepted by society, and society demands nothing but the latest and the best.

Our equipment are always state-of-the-art and up to date as well as the skill set of our engineers. We ensure this through relentless research and training, and agile software development - always sharpened and always ready to be applied in the field.

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